SPS SCARLETT from Sandro Hit x Fabriano

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Sandro Song

Antenne II

Sandro Hit


ElSt Loretta

SPS Scarlett



Davignon I

SPS Fabiola O


SPS Davina



Born: 11.02.2009
Colour: Dark Brown
Breeding Area: Hanoverian
Breeder: Christian-Wilhelm Ohse, Königslutter
Owner: Diane Nauman, Oregon – USA

Production record:
2014 – Filly from Vivaldi
2015 – Filly from Vivaldi

SPS Scarlett  a 3 YO 16:3H Sandro Hit-SPS Fabriano-Davignon mare. SPS Scarlett (Sandro Hit-SPS Fabiola O/Fabriano) is a truly exceptional mare. SPS Scarlett was the winner of her class at the 2012 Herwart von der Decken Show (National Hanoverian Mare Show), held in conjunction with the FEI World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden, Germany. Of 1,500+ three year old Hanoverian mares shown at regional shows in Germany, only 72 State Premium candidates (SPA) were invited to compete at Herwart von der Decken and Scarlett was one of these mares. At the show, Scarlett was her class „Sieger“. There were four dressage mare classes and she won her class. She also won her Hanoverian Regional Championship qualifier for three year old dressage horses (rider: Matthias Klatt) with a score of 8.25 and competed her mare performance test with scores of 8 for walk, canter and rideability!
Here is the link of the 2012 Herwart von der Decken schau that shows her photo and the mares that were in her class….she won! :))))
She will stay in Germany to have a foal from Vivaldi in 2014 and then at autumn 2014 she will be imported to the USA.
She is in foal to Vivaldi for 2015 too.
27. October 2014: Scarlett is on the way to USA. Her owner Diane Nauman is happy about her brood mare.
2015 Scarlett got a filly from Vivaldi. Both were very successful in 2015! Look at the photos and ribbons!

Sandro Hit
has started a new dynasty in the dressage horse breeding. Chic, modern, strong-moving progeny, who are gifted with fascinating charisma, conquered the market: Top-priced auction foals and horses, more than 17 licensed stallions including several champion stallions, state premium mares, championship candidates, Grand Prix winners and several others.
Sandro Hit has produced 11 Bundeschampions to date – and at the 2011′ World Championship for Young Dressage Horses he presented numerous finalists such as Showtime, Sunday or Soulmate. Finalist of Nürnberger Burgpokal Sorento OLD was decorated VTV Dressage Stallion, and therewith followed the multiple Grand Prix winner Sancisco OLD who has been already presented the award in 2009.
Sandro Hit’s inheritance is setting new records: 142 mares were awarded a state premium, numerous progeny were auctioned for top prices like 2.5 million Euro for the unforgotten two-times Bundeschampion Poetin, the Bundeschampion San Doncisco sold for 580,000 Euro and several others. He himself was striking Bundeschampion and World Champion of Six Year-Old Dressage Horses.
Sandro Hit’s dam, Loretta, has passed on her genes exorbitantly to three significant licensed sons like Royal Hit, Grand Prix winner Diamond Hit who is sire of the 2011′ NRW champion stallion.
Sandro Hit: Unique genius in the modern dressage horse breeding

SPS Fabiola
is a daughter of Fabriano and is coming out of a very good Hanover damline. A fullbrother of her got his licensing at Verden in 2005.

Fabriano come out of the  Hanover damline 1193401 Aina, Tiedemann, Seth (Hadeln) and have ended his  HLP 1990 at Adelheitshof with the 1. Place. Fabriano now have round about 15 licensing Hanover sons and 120 state premium mares.  He is one of the impartant stallions of Hanover.



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