JACKIE S from Jazz x Ferro



Jackie S
      Ramiro Z


Born: 2007-06-30
Colour: Braun
Breeding Area: KWPN
Breeder: J. Lamers, Oss
Owner: Silke Kuhlenkamp, Rietberg

Jackie S is a very awesome and elegant brown mare out of one of the best breedinglines of the Netherlands. Her bloodline has the best dressagelines of the Netherlands. Her stock has a breedingcount of 160! It is the important stock of the Daula and the breeding family 20.
The stock is very productive and has made many successful horses.
Jackie is in foal to Fürstenball for 2018!

Father Jazz:
This stallion has been leading the Dressage World Cup for years. For many breeding books, he continues to provide phenomenal tournament horses, a large number of licensed stallions and a wealth of fertile broodmares. In 2006, Jazz was voted „KWPN Horse of the Year“. This was only the beginning of the awards for this well-established stallion. In addition to winning the KWPN HOY Award, Jazz also received the Kuer Preferent status, not only for his own Grand Prix appearances, but also for the successes of his offspring. Jazz comes from the legendary Dressurhengst Olympic Cocktail. Olympic Cocktail was in 1995 itself „KWPN stallion of the year“.
Jazz was ridden by World Champion Anky Van Grusven. In 2001 Tineke Bartels debuted in the Grand Prix with jazz. This year they won the „Grand Prix World Cup in Amsterdam“ with 74.65%. In 2002 at „Zwollse Paardendagen“ he reached third place in the „Best Stallion“ category. In addition, was jazz indoor champion at NBVR and excelled at the 2002 Olympic Games in Jerez, Spain. Jazz transmits its qualities to its descendants. This is shown by the results in the dressage sport. Its oldest offspring compete on the Prix St. George Plain. He has several licensed sons, including Johnson, Don Juan de Hus, Boston, Wynton, JazzMade, Tango, Don Olymbrio L, Broere Norway, Olivi, Riant, and JazzTime.

Mother Kulia has already received some successful foals, some of which are in sport or are used in breeding. A part of the female offspring was awarded with a premium. Kulia got also the full-sister to our Jackie S with the name Last Hope L. She descends the Merrielijn 31.

Grandvather Ramiro Z:
Ramiro Z was the most important exponent of the Ramace AA blood worldwide. He was born in the Gestüt Vornholz (Westphalia) in 1965, where he was sold in his mother’s bosom, and remained the only foal of his mother Valine, who made a career as a Coralle at Springsport. After the licensing, Ramiro covered a year in Westphalia. From this first year, two Westphalian-fired, but Holstein-drawn top products are produced: the international foal Fatinitza 6 with Fritz Ligges and Thomas Frühmann and the licensed stallion Romanow, who was almost 30 years old and also successful in the international sport. In 1969, Ramiro covered a season at the Holsteiner Renomierstation Siethwende, where he left outstanding mares, almost all breeders, and three licensed sons.
Returned to Vornholz, Fitz Ligges took over the monumental detachment. With him, Ramiro was successful internationally, winning big prizes as well as power and time leaps. Timeline parallel ran the career of Ramiro and his daughter Fatinitza. It was not uncommon for both to be placed in the same test. In the 1974 season he covered a single mare. The product of this cover act became an internationally successful licensed stallion: Rodney. Both in Westphalia and later in Zangersheide, he brought top horses as well as Ramiro ’s girlfriend Ramos and the Olympiapferd Ramzes (both with Fritz Ligges), Ramira and Riva (both L. Gössing), the two Bundeschampionatssiegerin Rosella G (L. Gössing resp (Ralf 5, Ulrich Meyer zu Bexten), Rinnetou Z (P. Raymakers) and Ratina Z (1992 Olympic medalist with P. Raymakers, World Cup winner 1993, Team World Champion 1994 and Olympic team-winner 1996 with L. Beerbaum) , Ramiro was next to Almé Z one of the first „Euro stallions“ ever. He was 31 years old. Dedicated Sons: Armstrong, Bernstein, Dageraad, Damiro, Elmero, Jacomar, Rabino, Ramirez, , Ramiro Son, Ramiro’s Son I, Ramiro’s Son II, Ramiroff, Ramiros, Ramirus, Ramiville, Ramonus Z, Ramos Z, Randel Z, Rangoon B, Raphael, Raphaelo, Rascin, Rasputin, Rasso, Re Mexico, Rebel ZI, Rebel Z ,,,,,,,, Rival Z, Robin ZI, Robin Z II, Rocketstar, Rodney, Rolando, Rene Z, Rolex, Romanov, Romeo, Romantics, Romino, Romulus Z, Ronald, Rotari, Rothschild J, RoyalFlash Z, Royal ZI, Royal Z II, Zeoliet Breastplate on





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