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My mother has always told, I would have said first „horse“ and then only mummy and dad….

Where I have been infected with the horse virus, nobody can say. Grown up as a town child, I always saw driving the milkman with horse through our street. There the virus must be come to me J. I have first “voltigiert”, ridden then school horses. The next time I have had a horse from another owner for cleaning and saddling. I was always every day in the stable. Also the ambition with the tournament sport has me seized and I was moderately successful during construction check for young horses to including the Level L.
As an assistant I have gone with a breeder to a foal’s show and have introduced a mare with foal and immediately a victory carried off. At the moment has I know, that my passion is breeding horses  and not the horse riding.
This is meanwhile 15 years ago and I have already helped up to 60 foals on this world. We try to take care there very much. The mares get on a “Wächtomat” that give a sign at the house if the mares get sweat. Since more than a year we also have cameras fixed into the boxes, so we can observe the mares at night live on the television.
If the mares get the foals we try to help them so much as we can do. We pull the foals out of the mare and try to loose no time. Then the foals get rubbed dry and the mare can rescue the time she need after the hard job to get a baby. Navel care comes first. If then the box is cleaned and is freshly sprinkled and the small foal for milk asks, the mare is milked into a babybottle. Then we can be sure, that the foal enough beast’s milk has received. If then the foal want to get up, we try to help of course. Then according to him it also gets in the standing position still the bottle or we give assistance with the search for the „milk bar“. A specially serving of concentrate has in the interim the mothers agree. If then the afterbirth is come away and is decontaminated we are able to let mother and child alone for rescue.
I think, we also have rather luxurious boxes for our mares. The mother can stand in the middle and the young foals can run around them.
A paste against worms the next day for the mare is as normal as the regular vaccination against Influenza and Virus.




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