2016-05-11 Funny and van Ravenna are enjoying since today the summer pasture 😉
2016-05-10 Deelayla got a deep black colt from Bon Coeur
2016-05-09 Denira and Finja are safe back at home
2016-05-01 Denira and Finja are at Station Schockemöhle for breeding with Fürstenball
2016-04-23 Fanny, van Ravenna, Deelayla and Denira have had an appointment with the farrier 🙂
2016-04-08 Coco Chanel was going to her new training stable. A new live begins for her. We wish her luck!
2016-04-07 Denira got a wonderfull black filly from Fürstenball – Finja is born!!!!
2016-03-08 Coco Chanel is missing her friend. The 2years old fillies try to solace her….
2016-03-07 Cassiopeia P was going back to Switzerland to start in a life as a riding horse. She arrived well at the new stable.
2016-03-05  The farrier made all horses. They were so brav – I’m very proud of them.
2016-01-20 All horses have had an appointment with the farrier 🙂
2016-01-01 The horses have survived the year quitly and without problems.
2015-12-18 The young horses were vaccinated against Influenza and Herpes. They were all so brave.
2015-12-09 The young horses came back into the barn. They can sleep there until now.
2015-11-26 Farrier for every horse!
2015-10-29 Denira and Deelayla got the vaccination against Herpes and Influenza
2015-10-20 The mares are feeling good after weaning the foals and enjoy the free time.
2015-10-05 Limited Edition arrived save at his new home. Now he has finally a new friend for playing 🙂
2015-09-21 Felina arrived save at her new home. Limited Edition is serching her overall. We miss her so much…
2015-09-18 Felina and Limited Edition have had an appointment with the farrier bevor the trip in the new live starts…
2015-09-11 In a short time the foals have to say: Goodbye…
2015-08-30 All horses are now more relaxed. The „blind flies“ are gone but now the weather is silly…. one day hot and dry and the next day cold and rainy.
2015-08-08 The farrier made the hooves of all horses.
2015-07-30 The „blind flies“are going on the nerves of all horses 🙁
2015-07-18 It’s incredible! Limited Edition had shown at the German Foal Championship at Lienen his real quality! With a phenomenal 89 points ha was placed at 5th of all german colts!!! What a success for Diane!
2015-07-03 The farrier made the hooves of all horses.
2015-07-22 We are so HAPPY: Deelayla is in foal to Bon Coeur!
2015-06-22 Now it’s official: Felina will get a great new home at Hamburg.
2015-06-14 Felina and Limited Edition got their chips and branding. Limited Edition got the outstanding score of 81,5 at the show and made the 2nd place at the Qualification for the German Foal Championship at Paderborn. We are so happy with Diane and his new owner Germaine 🙂
2015-06-12 Now it’s official: Limited Edition will get a great new home at Dortmund.
2015-06-06 Felina and Limited Edition play so nice with each other. They grow up so much.
2015-05-26 We are so HAPPY! Denira is again in foal to Fürstenball :-)!!!!
2015-05-16 The farrier made the hooves of all horses.
2015-05-10 Coco Chanel, Cassiopeia and Little Love stay until today whole day and night on the summerpasture.
Fanny and van Ravenna enjoy the summertime at the pasture directly at the house.
2015-04-28 Limited Edition likes the sun very much
2015-04-27 Deelayla got a beautiful black colt from Livaldon! Total in time 🙂
2015-04-12 All horses got a paste against worms. It seems like it smells not really good 😉
2015-04-04 The farrier made the hooves of all horses.
2015-03-10 Felina enjoys with Denira the sun
2015-03-09 Felina from Fürstenball out of our mare Denira is born! We are so happy 🙂
2015-02-14 The farrier made all hooves and the horses are ultra cute 🙂
2015-02-09 Thank God. The days are now longer bright and the horses can stay outside for a longer time.
2015-01-01 Happy New Year to everyone. The nigtht was okay for the horses. They were really relaxed.
2014-12-17 My vet vaccinate all horses. Now we have time for the next 6 months.
2014-12-06 All horses got a paste against worms. They don’t like it really much 😉
2014-12-05 The farrier made the hooves of all horses.
2014-11-25 All horses are standing now back in the barn. The summertime at the pastures was gone 🙁
2014-11-01 Denira and Deelayla are back home from the summer pasture.
2014-10-29 Scarlett arrived at the quarantaine-station at the airport of Los Angeles.
2014-10-27 Scarlett was picked up from Klatte and is on the way to her owner Diane to USA. We wish Scarlett all the best and a very good trip with no problems. Our minds are with her.
2014-10-17 The farrier made Scarlett, both foals and Little Loves hooves.
2014-08-09 The farrier made both mares and foals. The young horses and Little Love are now staying back on the pasture at the house.
2014-08-16 The young horses and Little Love had change the pasture.
2014-08-10 van Ravenna and Fanny got a paste against Worms. It doesn’t smell good 🙁
2014-07-26 All horses went to the farrier.
2014-07-09 Vet-controll: Deelaya and Scarlett are still pregnant! We are so happy with Diane!
2014-06-29 Van Ravenna got today her branding and the chip. She took the pain like a hero!
2014-06-21 The farrier made all horses
2014-06-20 Funny got today her branding and chip. She was so brave – we are proud of her!
2014-06-14 Funny got the score of 9,0 for her trot at the foal show! We are so happy! She is really great.
2014-06-13 Again Good News! Deelayla is also in foal from Livaldon! We are happy with the owner Diane!
2014-06-07 Good News! Scarlett is in foal from Vivaldi! Congratulation to the owner Diane!
2014-05-25 We let the mares and foals together. Everything works great – no problems!
2014-05-10  Fanny was born! Brown filly from Fidertanz out of Lucie!
2014-05-10  Deelayla arrived at our farm!
2014-04-26 All horses have had a date with the farrier! Laurie, Little Love, Cassiopeia and Coco Chanel are now standing on the summer pasture
2014-04-22 At night Scarlett got a wonderful filly from Vivaldi. She has very long and elegant legs, looks beautiful. She is a Rap 🙂
2014-04-21 The young horses got a paste against worms. That do not smell good 🙁
2014-04-14 Laurie, Little Love, Coco Chanel and Cassiopeia can now go out on the pasture form the morning until the evening and can run, buck and play the whole day.
2014-04-07 The young horses goes the first time on the green pasture. That smells very good 🙂
2014-03-08 I start to train Laurie on the longe. She is really great and do everything that I want.
2014-03-01 Today the farrier was there. All horses made a good job!!! 🙂
2014-02-06 So as January came to an end, it also goes further in February. Super spring weather. The horses already start to lose their winter coat and love to wallow in the pasture 🙂
2014-01-15 I can not imagine a better winter weather 🙂 – nice and warm and the horses can still get out without any problems!
31.12.2013 The annual change have all the horses survived calm and serene.
21.12.2013 Today the farrier was there. All horses made a good job!!! 🙂
Big vaccination day for all :-/
05.12.2013 Today Laurie and Little Love have come from the summer pastures into the barn. Now all the horses are stabled.
23.11.2013 Samara is now back on the way to Switzerland back in her home barn. We are now waiting all excited about her first foal.
20.10.2013 Samara has today made a great Mare Performance Test. We are pleased with the breeder and owner and thank Jan Kersting for the good preparation.
15.10.2013 Sunshine is USDF 2013 Horse of the Year in the 3 Year Old Filly Materiale division! We are happy with Diane and so proud about our „Baby Sunshine“ 🙂
13.10.2013 Falco left the farm. We are very happy that the new owner will give him a very good new home!
10.10.2013 Denira and Scarlett get a paste for deworming
05.10.2013 Everyone has had a date with the farrier.
28.09.2013 Namun is on the way back to Switzerland to his owner.
27.09.2013 Coco Chanel and Cassiopeia arrieved from Switzerland. Photos and news will follow as soon as possible
23.09.2013 Namun has had a date with the farrier. He should go back to Switzerland the next days…
11.09.2013 Fancy landed safe in the USA. We are so happy that everything is okay with her !!!!
09.09.2013 Fancy was picked up from Spedition Klatte and will start for her trip to USA
05.09.2013 Lucie and Scarlett are vaccinated.
02.09.2013 Falco get another paste for deworming. He bears it calmly 😉
25.08.2013 Today we try to make a new video of Falco – he do not loose his foal-coat until now…
08.08.2013 Fancy and Samara are back at home and can now rescue some weeks.
07.08.2013 Today Fancy was licensing as one of the best 40 mares of Hannover who are born 2010!
03.08.2013 All horses have had today a date with the farrier. They all do a good job 🙂
13.07.2013 Today Falco get a paste of worms – he do not like it so much 🙁
10.07.2013 We can hope for 2014 for a Fidertanz-foal out of Lucie and a Vivaldi-foal out of Scarlett!!! 🙂
23.06.2013  Falco get his first paste against worms. He was a good boy 🙂
15.06.2013 Scarlett, Denira, Lucie and Falco have had a date with the farrier.
09.06.2013 We made an ultrasonic picture and could see the heartbeat of the embryo from Scarlett and Vivaldi.
08.06.2013 Laurie, Namun and Little Love are until today at the summer pasture next to the farm.
07.06.2013 Fancy was today the „Champion of the Mare-Show at Königslutter“ and get her 1A-Price and the title SPA! She come home with me to rescue a little bit.
22.05.2013 Fancy get today super scores at her SLP!!! We are happy with Diane – Fancy is such a beautiful horse!!!
17.05.2013 We are very proud about Falco. He is a good boy, come from the pasutre without help, likes his Haemolytan 🙂
16.05.2013 Scarlett is in foal from Vivaldi. We are so happy with Diane and very proud about Scarlett!!!
14.05.2013 Falco is born! We get a blackbrown colt from Fürstenball out of Lucie. He looks like his father!!!
04.05.2013 Laurie, Namun and Little Love get a deworming – they think it doesn’t smell good
20.04.2013 The farrier has trimed all hoofs
16.04.2013 Rolling the pasture – we are hoping for the spring to let the horses out
16.02.2013 A farrier date for all horses!
13.02.2013 Fancy, Samara and Scarlett had a dentist appointment today. Dental caps, wolf teeth and rakes on the teeth have been removed. They were very brave and have recovered well ….
26.01.2013 We have much snow – the horses like it very much!
29.12.2012 All horses have had a date with the farrier. All made a good job – I’m proud of them!
26.12.2012 All horses are deworming – they think: That’s no good christmas present 🙁
06.12.2012 It looks like Scarlett like her new home.
01.12.2012 Today we build a new box in the barn and I drive to pick up Scarlett – she is a darkbrown 3years old SPA from Sandro Hit x Fabriano
28.11.2012 Every mare loves Namun 🙂
24.11.2012 Namun is back on our farm. He is a 2years old Pony-Gelding. He is so sweet!
20.11.2012 The teeth-doctor visit us. Denira can now eat much better and Laurie lost 2 milk teeth
09.11.2012 Today all hores are vacinated.
02.11.2012 The 2years old mares are coming back from the summer pasture and like to sleep in a warm strawbed :-))
31.10.2012 Don Johnsen was weaned and was gone into another stable for growing up with many friends
27.10.2012 All horses have had a date with the farrier!
06.10.2012 Shadow have had a good night with a new friend in the new barn. In the morning he was going out with all the other foals and now he have so many friends for playing. He looks very happy!!!
05.10.2012 It’s a great day for Shadow! Today he leave the farm and will grow up at a great stallion-stable. We are happy that the new owner of Shadow, Nicole from Switzerland, give him the possibility for a good growing up. We wish both much luck for the future!
04.10.2012 Shadow have his own date with the farrier and the veterinary make a vet-check – everything is okay
05.09.2012 The mares and foals have had a date with the farrier.
31.08.2012 Fancy’s owner Diane from USA visit Germany. We went together to the Bundeschampionat at Warendorf.
28.08.2012 Shadow and Don Johnsen get a paste against worms – it do not smell good :-((
25.08.2012 Today the 2years old mares have had a date with the farrier – good girls! After the date the went back to their summerpasture.
04.08.2012 Denira, Shadow, Lucie and Don Johnsen have had a date with the farrier. They all made a good job!
29.07.2012 The 2years old mares are now standing on the pasture at the house and the mares with the foals are standing on the pasture at the barn.
19.07.2012 Lucie and Denira were at the horse dentist – now they can bite back powerfully 🙂
16.07.2012 Foalshow at Brilon – over night it rains 32 liters on a square meter. Don Johnsen get only his chip and branding, because I thought it was too dangerous to walk on slippery ground
11.07.2012 Today Don Johnsen get his second paste against worms.
01.07.2012 The two mares and foals are going now on the pasture next to the house – they have so much gras for eating…
30.06.2012 Today the farrier made the hooves of all horses. We take the 2years old mares out of the pasture and put them into the barn. They all made a perfect job – I’m very proud of the horses!
28.06.2012 Lucie is pregnant from Fürstenball!!!! I’m really happy!
19.06.2012 Shadow made the 1. Place at the Foalshow. He get his branding and was chipped…he made a good job.
18.06.2012 Shadow and Don Johnsen know now why they have their own manger – the feed smell good 🙂
16.06.2012 The same presidure as every year: Lucie have now 2 foals and Denira can rest and is only the milk bar for Shadow 🙂
15.06.2012 Now Don Johnsen is one month old and he went to the farrier the first time. He made a very very good job!
03.06.2012 Shadow and Don Johnsen are playing safely together
26.05.2012 Lucie, Denira and Shadow have had a date with the farrier.
20.05.2012 Today both mares and foals are going together on one pasture. Thanks good they were calm
14.05.2012 Don Johnsen must walk with the halter and cord next to his mother to the pasture. He made a good job!
13.05.2012 Don Johnsen must ware now a halter…
12.05.2012 Lucie get a colt from Don Juan de Hus! We call him Don Johnsen.
09.05.2012 the 2years old mares are until today on the summer pasture. It’s only 200 meters far away from us.
18.04.2012 Ours 2j. Mares follow for a few days from in the morning on the pasture, to such „a play day“ is in the evening for the moment doze and sleep announced….
17.04.2012 Today we have visited with the buyers from Russia Smokey. He is really big and has become adult. Now the pasture season can start….
16.04.2012 Shadow goes really well in the halter with cord on the pasture and also again back to the box. This claps quite really good now!
14.04.2012 Blacksmith’s appointment for everybody!
12.04.2012 Shadow must learn to go with halter and cord to the pasture…
11.04.2012 Good weather and first sometimes on a separated piece of pasture – because can Shadow gallop, finally, so properly and rave. Mummy pleases it, she has grass.
10.04.2012 Finally, the weather ist more warm and Shadow may rave longer on the paddock.
09.04.2012 With halter Shadow can already lead practice 🙂
07.04.2012 Shadow wears the first time his halter – he may not really like it…
06.04.2012 Unfortunately, it is so cold that Shadow is allowed always only can go a short time in the paddock.
05.04.2012 Denira has got a colt of San Amour – Shadow is a black colt and wears behind two white socks!!!
17.03.2012 The spring can come! The pastures are fertilised, dragged and rolled now the grass can grow.
15.02.2012 Ready! Now all 4 boxes are equipped with cameras and I can see all horses at every time of day and night time live in the house on the television or the hand transmitter. This technology is simply brilliant!
11.02.2012 Today blacksmith’s appointment was once more for everybody. I had light doubts, because we have had nearly for 2 weeks a frozen ground and the young horses in the evening outdoors cannot rave, but can wander about only the step. Accordingly they are well crisp 🙂 But they kept out of mischief everybody really and have got a thick praise of the blacksmith again.
01.02.2012 Today everybody has got a paste against worms – they do not look happy!
10.01.2012 Now it is official: Sunshine is in 2011 in theUSAa double champion. Now Westphalian yearling“ carries the title as a „best her and is also a champion of the North-West-Sportpferdezüchter-Organisation. We are glad with the owner about this great success!!!
01.01.2012 The turn of the year has got over all horses quietly.
17.12.2011 Today the farrier visit us again and makes all hooves.
18.11.2011 Don Juan de Hus has filed an overriding stallion’s performance test in Schlieckau. He has incredibly great movements if he also further inherited, then we cannot wait for the combination with Lucie at all 🙂
12.11.2011 Dusty has a new owner – we have brought him today in his new home. He has made friends immediately with his new mate.
31.10.2011 Today all mares in the stable got a vaccination.
25.10.2011 From now on we can fetch all 14 days 400 kg of carrots again – the horses cannot wait for it in the morning and in the evening to a finally big serving of carrots in the trough is.
24.10.2011 Lucie this was examined 2. times and we are glad tremendously, she is still pregnant from Don Juan de Hus!!!
12.10.2011 The pasture season is finished. We have the yearlings today aufgestallt and at night they can sleep in the warm straw.
30.09.2011 Both boys have well settled down in the group.
17.09.2011 Today Dusty and Smokey I have brought to a stallionbreeder. There the both will grow up in a group with of the same age.
15.09.2011 Once more blacksmith’s appointment – a little earlier than, otherwise, but on Saturday both stallions should be set down and they should enter with well-arranged hoofs her new one at home.
04.09.2011 Today it was a time once more to give a deworming to the foals.
03.09.2011 Smokey has a new owner – a nice buyer from Russia!
20.08.2011 Again 5 weeks are around and the mares with foal were allowed again to the blacksmith. I do not know at all who more well were mothers or children?!?
16.07.2011 Blacksmith’s appointment for everybody! I am quite proud, everybody kept out of mischief really. Also the yearlings we have got for it from the pasture in the stable.
10.07.2011 Today Dusty and Smokey have got a deworming again.
26.06.2011 Both colts are gechipt and are burnt. They were very courageous both.
25.06.2011 Lucie is pregnant from Don Juan de Hus!
11.06.2011 Today the blacksmith has kneaded with the mares and first sometimes with the foals the hoofs. The boys kept out of mischief really!
10.06.2011 Denira is pregnant again from San Amour!
14.05.2011 Today we have Dusty and Smokey the first time together plays seen, and news of Simba now he is ridden towards and makes himself excellent!
13.05.2011 Today we have Dusty and Smokey first sometimes without mummy on the stable lane put hoofs raise skilledly, with the next smith’s appointment the both also are in it and the smith should come with pleasure to us 🙂
07.05.2011 Today was again big blacksmith’s day and everybody have got a manicure. Afterwards we have led the yearlings on the summer pasture – there to explore was of a lot of new and quite much juicy grass.
03.05.2011 The pasture season for the yearlings throws her shades ahead, today morning there was for 4 young ladies a deworming – as well as it looks, goes from Saturday completely on the new pasture.
02.05.2011 Tonight Dusty and Smokey have got first sometimes own trough with feed. There is him from now on every morning and every evening.
30.04.2011 Today Dusty and Smokey have received her first deworming – I believe tasty tastes anyhow differently 🙂
24.04.2011 Today we leave the mares with foal together on the pasture, it has worked everything really.
22.04.2011 We have built up 2 new pasture shelters, so that our horses can always take shelter.
17.04.2011 Now the yearlings go the whole day on the green pasture in the house.
16.04.2011 We practice daily with halter and cord beside mummy on the pasture to go, claps again expect quite well!
15.04.2011 Today the yearlings were first sometimes for 2 hours on a big green pasture, then they have come again on her pasture a little bit damaged already, but with hay they stand it also there very well.
13.04.2011 The mares and her foals go daily on 2 separate pastures, in the stable the stallions have already worn a halter.
11.04.2011 Today with beaming sunshine and more than 20 degrees our small foals already go on the pasture. They rave, as if they were quite weeks old….
10.04.2011 Denira could not wait for it any more, also she has born a colt of San Amour to us. It is our Smokey.
08.04.2011 Lucie has got a colt of Decamerone, we call him Dusty.
25.03.2011 We have lured the spring and now the horses can already stand from at noon in the sun.
05.03.2011 Today the blacksmith has kneaded again all horses – everybody kept out of mischief really!
13.02.2011 Today we were by the stallion’s presentation of Schockemöhle – also our dream wäreein foal of Totilas to agree….
30.01.2011 Today all foals have got a deworming.
11.01.2011 Now the snow is a road-melted, but in the mornings for it the horses could go in the sunshine on the pastures.
08.01.2011 Today everybody was again with the blacksmith. He was very contented.
01.01.2011 All horses have spent the turn of the year quietly and calmly.
06.12.2010 Finally, the horses can rave so really nicely in the snow.
28.10.2010 Today all horses have received a deworming against tapeworms.
27.10.2010 Today everybody was with the smith. The foals kept out of mischief really!
15.10.2010 The foals have well settled down, purely and out claps quite excellently!
30.10.2010 Today Samara of Samorano has come fromSwitzerlandand now our foal’s stable is complete. Samara with Coco Bounty and Fancy with Laurie have covered together a box and should grow up with us.
17.10.2010 Now, finally, Sunshine has come after 1600 km and 19-hour journey on the follower in theirs new at home. She has found immediately a friend, a colt of Contador.
14.10.2010 Sunshine has certainly landed inLos Angelesand now must stand 2 days in quarantine.
13.10.2010 Today morning Sunshine flies fromAmsterdamtoLos Angeles.
12.10.2010 Today Sunshine was fetched at the carrier business and tomorrow flies in theUSA.
10.10.2010 Today Felicitas was fetched at her new owners. She has certainly come inBrandenburgand has well settled down immediately
09.10.2010 Today the blacksmith has kneaded again all horses.
03.10.2010 Today might be glad Sunshine and Felicitas about a deworming.
01.10.2010 Centocinquanta and Baylee have moved into an other stable. Coco Bounty of Christian and Lauie of Lauries Crusador have entered with us.
28.08.2010 Today the blacksmith was there again and everybody quite kept out of mischief.
10.08.2010 Fancy of Floriscount has entered with us.
08.08.2010 The foals have received a deworming once more.
18.07.2010 An absolute successful day in Lienen. Sunshine and Felicitas have presented itself in top condition! Sunshine was recompensed with 9.0 and Felicitas with 10.0 for the movement!
10.07.2010 Today everybody was 4 again with the blacksmith.
26.06.2010 Today Sunshine has also qualified in overriding form for the German foal championat in Lienen. Sunshine and Felicitas belong this year to the best Stutfohlen of Germany! Only 25% of the shown foals are able to do a start place for Lienen.
19.06.2010 Felicitas has protected a start place with the German Fohlenchampionat in Lienen to herself with perfect marks.
13.06.2010 Sunshine and Felicitas have got a deworming again.
12.06.2010 Today blacksmith’s appointment was again for everybody!
05.06.2010 Baylee has off itself the whole day on the meadow sunned and Honeybee she observes of the neighbouring meadow.
01.06.2010 Baylee spends her first hour on a nice big meadow where mummy must always run behind her and not at all of the grass comes eating.
29.05.2010 Baylee is allowed to do the first time with mummy on the paddock.
28.05.2010 At night around shortly after 2 o’clock Centocinquanta has got a wonderful Stutfohlen of Burggraaf. Baylee looks like her mother!
16.05.2010 Sunshine and Felicitas have got her first deworming.
15.05.2010 Sunshine and Felicitas were the first time with the blacksmith.
13.05.2010 Now Sunshine and Felicitas have everybody her own trough and in the morning get and evening gequetschen oat with derby, Vital and Mineralpellets.
12.05.2010 Both foals play catch in the sun and then they run quite fast again to the mother back.
11.05.2010 It is limited so far, the mares and foals are able together on the pasture. Sunshine and Felicitas have also immediately recognised her mothers, so that everybody left whole.
10.05.2010 Felicitas practices daily in the halter to go, completely doing good. Sunshine goes along always really well, also about the court is no problem.
08.05.2010 Really great weather the last days and the foals already go 2 hours in the piece on lying side by side meadows and again 2 times.
06.05.2010 Lucie is in the foal’s horse and with Felicitas is bottom wash announced.
26.04.2010 Felicitas suns herself in the paddock after which she has properly let off steam for the moment. Sunshine stands next door on the pasture and observes her new friend.
25.04.2010 Felicitas is allowed first sometimes on the paddock.
24.04.2010 At night then at 0:30 o’clock it was so far, Lucie has got a Stutfohlen of prince Fugger. We have called them „Felicitas“. Mare and foal are up probably.
01.04.2010 Sunshine and Denira go daily on the pasture. Sunshine goes along quite really with halter and cord.
30.03.2010 Denira is in the foal’s horse and Sunshine agrees several times a day the bottom washed…
27.03.2010 Sunshine gets open her halter and it will lead skilledly
25.03.2010 Sunshine is first sometimes on the pasture, now she goes out 2-3 x tägl. for approx. 45 min.
23.03.2010 Sunshine knows the way to the paddock already almost by itself
22.03.2010 Sunshine bucks first sometimes in the paddock and tries on in the evening first sometimes a halter
21.03.2010 Sunshine is nearly 1 day old and was allowed to do the first time on the stable lane
20.03.2010 At night then at 2:15 o’clock it was so far, Denira has got a Stutfohlen of San Amour. We have called them „Sunshine“. Mare and foal are up probably
15.03.2010 Our website is on-line put and can be „filled“


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