Felicitas from Fürst Fugger x Lanciano

Fürst Heinrich
Fürst Fugger
Pretty Darling
Lucie S
Lady M











Born: 24.04.2010
Colour: Black-Brown
Breeding Area: Westphalian
Breeder: Silke Kuhlenkamp, Hövelhof
sold in Germany

Felicitas was the 11th best filly at the German Foal Championchip 2010 at Lienen. She get the 10 for her movement!

Felicitas a dark filly that will take your breath away if you see her movement!

Fürst Fugger was Bundeschampion 2010 and he is a Fürst-Heinrich son clearly influenced by his sire with a coveted Hanoverian dam line in his pedigree. He was a premium stallion of the Westphalian licensing in Münster-Handorf in 2008 and the radiant and highly applauded Bundeschampion of four-year old stallions in 2010. Dream scores for his trot (10.0), canter (9.5) and from the guest riders (10.0 and 9.5) prove his special qualities. Blessed with a flawless exterior, he is distinguished by well over average gaits, striking trot mechanics, a ground-covering walk and a canter with fabulous transmission. The type of champion you don’t see every year in the Warendorf dressage ring.
Fürst Fugger passed his 30-day test in Schlieckau the end of 2009 with outstanding scores of over 9.5. With a weighted score of 8.94 in dressage, he placed second in a field of 40 competitors from all over Europe and also ranked in the top group overall at the end of the test. His first offspring have dark coats, are expressive and have a good step off. Many of them have received a premium.
His sire, Fürst Heinrich, a celebrated World Champion of five-year old dressage stallions in 2003, became a star sire within just a few years. In 2011, an absolutely exceptional Fürst Heinrich daughter named Woodlander Farouche, who was bred in England, became the World Champion of five-year old dressage horses in Verden. The dam’s sire, Weltmeyer, is one of the most influential stallions of the last 20 years.

Lucie was born in 2002 on the same court like her father Lanciano. In the birth was clear immediately, Lucie cannot be sold in foreign hands. It was acquired by me directly after the birth and then grew up the first three years at  Schubert’s farm. She has so phantastic movements that spectators could be thrilled in 2002 with the foal’s show to applause. I have ridden towards them 3-year-old and it should be prepared to the mare’s performance test. Unfortunately, she injured herself during this time on the pasture and had to be taken from the sport. Their highly successful mother’s stock can show the international sports horses Cimbel, Calvin 21. Rico 100 and the licensing stallions PB Midas and Last Man Standing.  She arises from Holsteiner stock 5118.
In 2007 we allowed to cover them of Swarovski.
In 2008 she got „Simba“ a colt with dark jacket and quite a lot of disposition. He was sold as a stallion’s candidate.
In 2009 she gave us a colt of Desperados which we called „Dinoso“. A dream type with really elastic movements which knew how to inspire his spectators always. For his movement quality he got with the finale of the German Fohlenchampionats in Lienen the mark 9.5. Gestüt Sprehe has protected to themselves this stallion’s candidate.

The stallion Lanciano was born in 1990 at Family Schubert in Lichtenau and get in 1993 the licensing at Handorf. Gerd Kraft acquired the stallion and still today he works as one of the important stallions of Gestüt Sankt Ludwig in Wegberg. Lanciano filed an overriding stallion’s performance test with more than 140 points in the part index dressage. Lanciano can show more than 30 gekörte sons and several state premium mares. For Lanciano’s inheritance strength stands the dynasty of his important sons, which Lord Sinclair. The first licensing son, Lord Sinclair I, HLP winner after 100-days test, became in 1997 and 1998 a federal champion and set up in the heavy training class. Lord Sinclair II, like the father as a stud on Saint Ludwig at home, became Winner of Licensing in München-Riem. Lord Sinclair III got with the licensing in Redefin/Mecklenburg I C premiums. Lanciano, a stallion his double inheritance strength over and over again comes to the fore.

Lady M a daughter of Landgraf and then with the necessary full blood connection about Waterman and Tin Rod xx pulled. Lady M was acquired by Hannes Meindl in Holstein as a foal and then covered a box in the Bavarian Kirchanschöring. There it was trained by the daughter, Barbara Meindl, and successfully to Kl. L introduced. She got 3-year-old her first foal, Libelle M which was also sporty as well as for breeding a full success. Then Lady M was sold in the stable by family Schubert to Lichtenau. Then there she brought top foal in succession. She got foal of Aldato, Pilot (2), Lanciano (2), Landor S. which for the most part about the North Rhine-Westphalia-foal’s auction for absolute top prices were sold. A full brother of the mare Lucie S. was shown on the first side of the cataloge of  the North Rhine-Westphalia-foal’s auction in 2001.

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