Siwa from Soliman de Hus x De Niro

Sandro Song
Sandro Hit
Vb.El.St. Loretta
Soliman de Hus
St.Pr.St. Alhambra
De Niro
Denira S
World Cup I
St.Pr.St. Wendy
St.Pr.St. Darina



Born: 24.02.2009
Colour: Liver Chestnut
Breeding Area: Westphalian
Breeder: Silke Kuhlenkamp, Hövelhof
sold to NORWAY

Photos of the foalshow at Verl:

Siwa, a filly which has pointed from the first day „personality“. It was discovered by Mrs. Ralmo on the Internet and was impressed immediately by her appearance. Mrs. Ralmo, even training rider to Grand Prix, already looked for more than one year for a horse at the age of 0 – to 3 years. She came along with her man immediately on the way to Germany and knew at the moment as she saw Siwa at the pasture: This is „my“ horse for the future.

Her half-sister  (Sandy / piece of jewellery) from Sandro Hit filed in 2009 an overriding mare’s performance test with 8.15 and is in the USA topically a standard winner during training check for young horses and now is to level III triumphantly on the tournaments.

Soliman de Hus is a son of the world famous dressage legend Sandro Hit.
This black foundation sire wrote history when as a 6-yr-old he won the world title for young horses under Dr. Ulf Möller.
From his first crop the Sandro Hit daughter Poetin also won the world title for 6-yr-old dressage horses in 2003. Sandro Hit’s dam Loretta produced in combination with Don Schufro (Donnerhall) also the Grand Prix dressage stallion Diamond Hit ridden by Emma Hindle.
On his dam’s side Soliman de Hus carries the blood of the dressage foundation sire Donnerhall, a stallion who combines very successfully with Sandro Hit. A well-known example is the stallion Sir Donnerhall. Under Karin Rehbein Donnerhall featured among the best dressage horses in the world for many years. The combination won team gold and individual bronze at the WC in The Hague and the EC in Verden. Dressage qualities are also solidly anchored in the dam’s line of Soliman de Hus. Dam Danea is a full sister of the dressage horse Diandra, the star of the Verden autumn auction in 2003. The Grand Prix dressage horse KK Athene under the Swiss Annemarie Järmann is a full sister of Soliman’s grandam Alhambra.
This Hanoverian lineage 655 is also responsible for the Grand Prix dressage horse Wellington (Wanderer) ridden by Alexandra Simons-de Ridder and for more than 20 licensd stallions.

 a liver chestnut mare with the overriding basic paces which she transmits without „if and, however,“ to her descendants. Till present she has brought eight top foals as a result of.
Denira is descended from the successful family of the deputy-team’s European champion in 2005 and meanwhile Grand Prix horse Waterwold under Bastian Konzag and the page-training horse Alaska 72. The trunk is provable volume 15 and 16 other generations. The grandmother mare von World Cup I was presented very successfully on looking:
In 1978 Roydorf the 1st place booked you on the mare’s show.
In 1979 she got there the Ia price and the state premium lent. Then she started on the Rathje Nieburh show and was distinguished with the Ib premium. She qualified for the federal mare’s show and received there the If premium.
In 1980 she received the Ia price and was distinguished as the best mare of the show.
In 1981 she repeated this top to result and was distinguished on the district show with the If premium.
In 1982 it was distinguished once more with the Ia price.
1983 – 1985 she  was going successfully in the sport.

Mother-Father De Niro:
In 1997, De Niro was vice champion of the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf with a score of 141.93 points and champion of rideability with a score of 145.41 points.

  • In 2000, he won Grand Prix dressage tests at the age of seven.
  • In 2001, he won the German Championships of Professional Riders with his rider Dolf-Dietram Keller.
  • In 2002, he won international Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special dressage tests in Saumur and Berlin.
  • In 2003, he was the winner of the German Dressage Derby in Hamburg.
  • In 2004, De Niro provided the champion stallion Dancier at the licensing in Verden, following two vice champions in previous years.
  • In 2005, De Niro was dam sire of the champion stallion in Verden.
  • In 2006, with 14 descendants at the German Young Horses Championships, De Niro provided the largest contingent.
  • In 2007, De Niro’s son Deveraux became World Champion of the six-year-old dressage horses in Verden. Several of De Niro’s offspring have been victorious in Grand Prix dressage competitions.v
  • In 2008, De Niro was honoured by the Hanoverian Society with the title “Stallion of the Year”.
  • In 2009 De Niro provided two European champions as well as Dablino, the most successful Grand Prix newcomer.
  • In 2010, De Niro was awarded place five of the World Breeding Federation for Sporthorses with 10 internationally successful offspring at Grand Prix-level. His son Dablino won the Team Bronze Medal with rider Anabel Balkenhol in Kentucky at the world championships. Desperados by De Niro and his rider Falk Rosenbauer won the German Dressage Derby in Hamburg.
  • In 2011 the descendants of De Niro won a total amount of more than 230,000 Euros. The overall amount of prize value of his descendants reached more than 1,000,000 Euros.

More than 70 licensed stallions originate from De Niro. His offspring are sought after everywhere and they are always successful.

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