Queena from Quickly de Kreisker x Diarado

      Le Tot De Semilly
    Diamant De Semilly
      Venise des Cresles
  Quickly de Kreisker
      Laudanum xx
    Briseis d’Helby
      Nika du Nevada
      Diamant De Semilly
      Venise des Cresles
  St.Pr.St. Diana
    LST Fabienne II


Born: 2017-05-28
Colour: Braun
Breeding Area: Westphalia

Breeder and Owner: Charlotte and Karl-Heinz Schubert 

Queena is a brown filly, wich is in Germany a rarity! She has a really sure stock which produced many offsprings who started at the Bundeschampionat in Germany and now most of them are successful at Class S. Queena has a very awesome face and her movement is very easy. She is a future offer for sport or breeding!

Mother Diana is a dark-brown mare with an absolutely protected mother-strain. She has received the state premium at the Westphalian Eliteschow and has previously passed a very good mares performance test. She is not only convinces by her outstanding springiness but also by her very good basic styles. She is used only in breeding. The mating with Comme il faut in the years 2014 and 2015 have proved very good and also the colt by Cassilano in 2016 will find his way into the upscale jumpingsport.

Grandvather Diarado:
He is the new line founder for international jumping horse breeding!
From the beginning on straight winner: Diarado was 2007 radiant Körsieger in Holstein and 2008 with numerous notes between 9 and 10 undisputed HLP winner in Schlieckau. It impresses by its exemplary ease at the jump, outstanding ability, unconditional performance, agility and intelligence, which are in demand in the technical course today. Diarado won several jumping competitions, won the final qualification at the Bundeschampionat in 9.3 and won the bronze medal in the final (twice 9.0). Meanwhile, he is consistently high in class S, a. he was third in the Grand Prix (S ***) at the traditional Dobrock tournament in 2014. The offspring are clearly marked by the father: sympathetic, because strikingly full-bodied, yet easy to ride, powerful and with great possibilities at the jump. They are therefore sought after on numerous auctions. In the meantime, 37 sons have already been licensed in Germany, including a number of premium passengers. The Oldenburger stallion days 2013 in Vechta became the Diarado-Festival: the son De Quidam was the winner of the OS collection and went for 115,000 euros to Westfalen, and Diarado’s Boy, which at the AOS auction 2011 with 450,000 euros to the Preissspitze advanced became I a – the main premium victor. The daughter Jurwina became 2013 OS-winning mare in the castle park to Rastede. The offspring qualified in a striking number for the Bundeschampionat and were placed finalists. In 2016, the son was the DJ Vice-Bundeschampion of the five-year-old jumping horses, and the Diarado descendants from the first year last year were also in the heavy class: 22 of them immediately gained victories and placings on the S-level. In 2013, Diarado was the number one in the FN breeding evaluation in Springen, Germany. Since then, it has been able to maintain its position in the top group with a high degree of certainty.
Diarado is also clearly above-average in the breeding value estimation of dressage. His father, Diamant de Semilly, is one of the best jumping sires in the world, and in 2011 he won the Sieger Stallion with Dicapo and / or 2015 with Diamond de Quidam on the OS licensing, as well as other highly respected licensed sons. He won his first team silver medal with Eric Levallois Teamgold at the 2002 World Cup, one year later on the European Championship silver medal, and has been the „Best Sire of young horses“ in France since 2015. He has been ranked first in the WBFSH World Grand Prix of the best jumping horse fathers Corrado I, Contender, Lord and Ramiro, unite the maternal pedigree of Diarado absolute top sires in a row, with Corrado I – even with Franke Sloothaak internationally successful – looking at a descendants life gain of 3.8 million euros, with Contender 10, Diarado represents Holsteiner Mutterstamm 318 d 2, who has more than 50 licensed stallions, including Corofino I and II, Coriano, Crawford, Chello I-III, the champion Camiros and numerous international sports horses.

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